432 fibers 3U high density fiber optic patch panel HODF-RS432-3U

Product specifications

Model:  HODF-RS432-3U 
Dimension(mm): 482x493.2x130.9
Material: Cold roll steel 
Max. capacity: 432 fibers
With 9pcs sliding trays, load 36pcs MPO cassettes HD-08
MPO cassette HD-08 can load 1pc MPT/MTP adapters & 3pcs LC quad or 3pcs SC duplex adapters 
Color: Grey white or black
Sliding type, 19inch rack mounted application 

Product details

HODF-RS432-3U is a high density fiber optic patch panel that made by high quality cold roll steel material, the surface is with electrostatic powder spraying. It is sliding type 3U height for 19inch rack mounted application. It has 9pcs plastic sliding trays, each sliding tray is with 4pcs MPO cassettes. It can load 36pcs MPO cassettes HD-08 for max. 432 fiber connection and distribution. There are cable management plate with fixing holes at back side of patch panel.