IP68 Dome Fiber Optic Splice Closure CV027

Product specifications

Model:  CV027 
Dimension(mm):  Φ304.2x502mm
Material: PP plastic 
Max. capacity:  288 fibers 
Max. qty of splice tray: 24 pcs 
Max. capacity of splice tray: 12 fibers 
Cable port:  4 round port Φ18mm; 4 round port Φ20mm, 8 round port Φ26mm, 1 oval cable port support cable entry without cutting.   
Heat shrinkable sealing structure 
IP standard: IP68 
Outdoor aerial hanged, pole mounted, wall mounted, direct buried, duct etc. 

Product details

CV027 is a big dome type fiber optic splice closure. It has 1 oval cable port support cable entry without cutting and 16 round cable ports for cable entry and exit. There are 24pcs fiber optic splice tray OST-063 for max. 288 fiber splicing and junction. This closure can be used in temperature -35℃~70℃ environment, cold and heat resistant, electrical insulation, chemical corrosion resistance.