Product specifications

Model: BP041
(Internal model: OTB-P041)
Dimension(mm): 413.15X199.8X72
Material: ABS plastic 
Capacity: 12-24 fibers 
Splice tray qty: 1pc OST-050 
Color: black 
Cable port: 4 entry port 6-8mm & 16 drop cable port 3*2mm
                    support cable entry without cutting 
Application: IP65, outdoor aerial hanged  

Product details

OTB-P041 is a plastic outdoor aerial hanged mounted fiber optic terminal box. It has two layer space. The upper space load a plastic splitter cassette that load PLC steel tube type splitter 1:2, 1:4, 1:8, 1:16; also it support 16 drop cable output.

The lower space load 1pc fiber optic splice tray OST-050 support max. 24 fibers splicing and connection. It has 4 cable port 6-8mm.

Similar Model: OTB-P039

The difference between OTB-P039 and OTB-P041: