Junction closure CV026

Product specifications

Model:  CV026
Dimension(mm):  200.6x287.4x393.1mm
Material: PP plastic 
Max. capacity:  288 fibers 
Max. qty of splice tray:  12 pcs 
Max. capacity of splice tray: 24 fibers 
Cable port:  6 round cable port 18mm; 2 cable port 18mm support cable entry without cutting  
Mechanical sealing structure 
IP standard: IP68 
Outdoor aerial hanged, pole mounted, wall mounted etc. 

Product details

CV026 is Junction boxes Domo for cables of 24, 60, 96, 144, 288 that support fiber splicing and protection. 


Impact resistant PP material, black color

Mechanical sealing structure, IP68  

Max. 12pcs OST-061 fiber optic splice tray, max. 288 fibers

6 round cable port 18mm, 2 cable port 18mm support cable entry without cutting

Working temperature -35~70, cold and heat resistance, electrical insulation, corrosion resistance.

Support wall mounted, pole mounted, aerial hanged, direct buried application.  

Can load max. 18pcs SC simplex adapters

Two splitter space for PLC 1x8, 1x16

Packing information:

4pcs per carton, each carton 61x44x45cm 

Two Cable Sealing Structure: