Fiber optic wall socket 2 SC outlet G015

Product specifications

Model:  G015

(Internal model: FP-015)

Dimension(mm): 86.3x110.6x23
Material: ABS plastic
Max. capacity:  2 fibers
Adapter port: 2pcs SC simplex

Application: indoor wall mounted

Features: With hinged cover, easy to open and close

Product details

Fiber optic wall plate FP-015 is indoor wall mounted fiber optic box that for end user, capable to handle fiber fusion, fiber cables and pigtails. It is used in FTTH project.


Radian appearance makes it slinky

ABS plastic, light weight, reasonable design

Support MM and SM fiber connection

2 ports for SC simplex, LC duplex adapters

With hinged cover, easy to open and close

The bottom part of cover can turn up, easy for fiber operation


Wall mounted screw & bolt

Cable fixing screw & plate