Fiber optic splice closure ribbon 72 fibers

Product specifications

Model:  CH037
Dimension(mm):  250x169.5x50.2
Material: ABS+PC plastic
Max. capacity:  24 fibers; if ribbon, max. can be 72 fibers.
Max. qty of splice tray: 2pcs (each tray 6 slots and 3 ribbon sleeve slots)
Max. capacity of splice tray: 12fibers; if fibbon, max. 36 fibers
Cable port:  2 in 2 out
Cable diameter: 16mm
Application: outdoor aerial hanged
IP standard: IP65

Product details

CH037 is an inline type fiber optic splice closure for fiber splicing and protection. It is made of high-quality ABS+PC material, waterproof, IP65 for outdoor aerial hanged application.

It is applicable to the protection of direct connection and branch connection of optical cable. And it is mechanical sealing structure, can be opened repeatedly, with single fiber and ribbon sleeve slot, easy to operate and maintain.


Small size, reasonable design for cable protection

ABS+PC plastic material, high strength, black color

4 cable port (2 in 2 out) for max.Φ16mm cable entry/exist

2 splice tray, each tray has 6 single fiber slots & 3 ribbon heat shrinkable sleeve slots

Max. 24 single fibers splicing; if ribbon fiber, max. 72 fibers

Dust-proof and waterproof, IP65

Aerial hang application